Below you can read the history and more information about this incredible name analysis system. Discover how, why and what you can do to give yourself or your child, the very best opportunities in life with a balanced combination of names. Sometimes, one letter, the way you spell a name, can make all the difference !

Best Boy and Girl Baby Names

What does your name say about you?
Name (meaning, a word that constitutes the distinctive designation of a person)
Reality (meaning, in truth, the here and now, the totality of actual things and events)

Any one name for the most is good. You can touch any one key on a piano and it will 

sound good. Sure, some keys sound a little better than others, but any one key emits a sound or vibration that sounds nice. When you press two or more keys at the same time or play with two hands, it is important you press the right keys. If you press the right combination of keys, you produce beautiful music. If you press the wrong combination of keys, at best you are out of tune, or worst, you become a dreadful noise. Your names apply a similar action. 

You are a musical instrument. Your body and the conditions of your life are the result of the harmonies or discords played by you or upon you from day to day, by your own personal name. It is bringing you good, or it is bringing you harm. It is bringing you strength or it is bringing you weakness.

The sound of music produced by a piano can be documented with Sheet Music.

The vibration produced by your names can be documented with Name Reality.

What tune do you play?

The book "Name Reality" demonstrates how names influenced success for people like Tyler Perry, Rihanna and Simon Cowell. Unfortunately the book also demonstrates what pushed Oscar Pistorius beyond his mental limit at the time he allegedly shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The book also describes the sad demise of singer Amy Winehouse and actor Heath Ledger. This incredible system gives you the mathematical formula to create a balanced healthy happy name for you or your child.


Analyzing names using this system can be traced back several thousand years. This knowledge was originally known and used, solely by the enlightened families of Egypt, the Chaldea and Hebrew Countries in the Middle East. On the day a child was born to one of these families, an astrological chart was calculated, then, using this analysis system, a name was created for the baby specifically to improve the qualities of that child’s life. Discovered in Egypt, the great hieratic papyrus known as "Book of the Master of the Secret House" was preserved at the Louvre Library in Paris. A copy was translated and published by W. Marsham Adams.

More recently, some 3000 years ago, this system found its way to China.
It was in China that this knowledge was recorded and preserved in its splendid entirety, known to the ancients as “The Way of Life”. A much more complicated version can be found in the Indian Vedas and in the Hebrew Cabbalas.

In 1929, a compilation of all these scripts was written and published by Veolita Parke Boyle. Titled; “The Fundamental Principles of Yi-King Tao, the Cabbalas of Egypt and the Hebrews”. Both Veolita and her sister Elvrita, devoted their lives to the study of names, based on the Chinese “Sacred Science of Vibration”. Unfortunately, back then, almost a century ago, her book received little recognition. People were a long way from the New Age and many regarded her book as nothing more than superstition. Veolita presented her work to Professor William H. Hallock from the department of physics, Colombia University in the USA. He acknowledged that the study showed numbers and letters call into action certain forces present in the vibratory waves of the universe and these forces do react upon our bodies affecting the conditions of our lives. He went on to quote; “If you have made as much investigation as this and found it answers to that number of tests, then the force is there and has got to be reckoned with.”

Some 50 years later, a gentleman in England named Laurence Payg, came across a copy of Veolita’s book in the late 1980’s and quickly became a well-known name analyst using the basic principles of this system. Laurence unfortunately passed away in December 2014. He was perhaps best known for changing the name of aspiring model Laura Hollins to Agyness G. Deyn. One year later she was voted Model of the Year 2007 and became the face of Armani and Burberry. Laura was already signed to London Agency Models One. Absolutely nothing else about her circumstances changed. She stayed with the same agency, kept her hairstyle, her look and yet her life and career skyrocketed soon after her name change.

I was introduced to Laurence in 2010 and immediately became fascinated by the accuracy of this system. I studied with Laurence and also obtained a copy of Veolita’s book. I was fortunate that a good friend and spiritual mentor was able to translate the Yi-King proverbs bringing new light to an already incredible book. Then, with this new information I was able to crack a secret numerical code, almost like it was left there intentionally for me to discover. This code enabled me to take the system to new heights by understanding how specific name and letter combinations can aggravate many mental and physical conditions likely to disrupt daily life.


In a nutshell, there are 64 personality types dividing the human race, just as there are 64 fundamental forces that constitute the action of the Universe. You may have seen the numbers 1 to 64 before. There are 64 codons that make up human DNA. There are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching and there are 64 squares on a chess-board. It is recognized as a powerful mathematical force. Numbers are selected for each letter in your name, then added together to calculate which of the 64 personality types you have for each one of your names. Each name has two personalities. I call these primary and undertone. Each name you have is the result of both these personalities. In turn, you are the combination of the personalities from all of your names. This goes further to include your mother’s maiden name and the date of the day you were born. Every one of us is the combination of at least 7 personalities or 9 if you have a middle name.

You can see how by a quick mathematical calculation you are one in 500 million or one in 200 billion if you have a middle name. Like the odds of two people having the same fingerprints or DNA. This system is incredibly accurate.

The second part of Name Reality reveals how letters from each of your names change and rotate on your birthday. These letters influence events and the way you live your life. Every letter has a
definition. Some are good, some are not so good. Again, it is the combination of these three or four letters, one from each of your names that dictate influences for that year of your life. For example; F, H, U, V, W and X usually have a negative influence. C, G, J, K, L, N, P, Q, Y and Z can have a positive influence. Letters A, B, D, E, I, M O, R, S and T can swing either way depending upon the positive or negative from other letters in the table for that same year.


This system is so incredibly accurate you can consider it one of the foremost studies written about the understanding and meaning of names. At first glance, Name Reality may appear very similar to numerology. However, this is not the case. Numerology is a good system, but Name Reality is very different and probes way deeper. Name Reality shows how you are the unique blend of all your names and goes further by explaining how individual letters from your names affect events for each and every year of your life. Name Reality is the only system that enables you to accurately modify, change or create a name to a specific personality and create positive or negative events at predetermined years. There are hundreds of books and websites that offer the historic or religious meaning of names. Some give relevant information towards one name, but most are limited and none offer useful ways to interpret the combined meaning of all your names. Two people with the same first or last name will have something in common, but it ends there at something. Name Reality reveals so much more. The laws of attraction are real. Your names can help, hinder or halt your progress.
Name Reality shows you how, why and what you can do.


This book is a must read for expectant parents. The book has easy to follow instructions.
Part one shows you how to unlock the code to analyze yourself or another person and understand why people behave the way they do.
Part two shows you how to modify a name or create a new name tailored to your specific desires. Yes, incredible as it may seem, changing your name can change the way you live your life.
Part three shows you how to create a vibrant safe name for you or your baby.

So why has nobody told you this before? If you have read anything about the laws of attraction, you will know it was a secret knowledge kept hidden from the public, known only to a few privileged families. Analyzing names, another fundamental principal action of the Universe, was also kept under lock and key for centuries. It was lost then found, swept aside and now again, rediscovered.
The combination of your names can be likened to a dress or suit, an outfit that you wear for life. It makes a statement. It says who you are and can influence the way other people see you. Your names, like your clothes, need balance. A great outfit can be ruined by the wrong pair of shoes or a goofy hat. Just like mixing ingredients to bake a cake. Too much salt or sugar ruins the end result. Check the ingredients of your baby's names before you bake.


When you understand all of your names, you can take advantage of your strengths and take control of your weak areas. If a negative part of your personality or certain letters bring negative events into your life, you can make advance plans. You can change, overcome or reduce these potential problems. For some, self-awareness is enough, enabling us to take better control of our lives with positive attitude and positive visualization. This system helps you to know where and when to focus your time, your effort and resources to obtain the maximum results. This system will not tell you which lottery numbers to play. However, it will give you an accurate weather forecast. Knowing which year to carry an umbrella or take your sunglasses, will enhance the quality of your life. There are hundreds of renowned and respected self-help gurus. Many have written or produced excellent books. They mostly point in the same direction. Positive Speaking with Positive Thinking reinforced by Positive Visualization will improve your life. If you have names with negative tendencies leaning towards anger, anxiety, doubt, hesitation, fears or phobias, this will most surely restrict your potential and slow or even stop your progress. If you have negative letter combinations in your events chart, it will delay or block your advancement during the years those letters are working against you. The more negatives you have, the more difficult it is to get ahead. If you have tried self-help methods and failed, it was probably not for lack of trying. It is most likely your names, or the letter combinations you were in at that time, prevented you from reaching your goals.

Each of the 64 personalities have one of 9 health advisories, physical and mental. If any of these advisories repeat two or especially three times in your names it will influence a weakness in that area. If certain letter combinations appear in your chart, it can aggravate these conditions for as long as the letters are in force. Sometimes, just simply changing your lifestyle, especially what you eat and drink, can be enough to compensate and bring balance into your life.


Two examples where changing your name can alter your life is evident in the world of entertainment and marriage. Movie stars and pop musicians are a good example of what can happen when you change your name. How many have struggled to achieve fame, until they chose the right name. Were they less talented before choosing their new name? I doubt it! In many countries, women take the family name of their husbands upon marriage. Sometimes, the new name can blend well and improve life for the better. Unfortunately, it can also have the opposite effect. How often have you heard of couples living together, happy for many years, but who break up soon after marriage? Name Reality shows how, in many cases, it was the name change that altered the dynamics for the worse. Statistics show the divorce rate in Europe and the USA is around 50%. Yet in South America and Latin America, where women do not take the family name of their husbands, divorce rate is 5%.

You cannot change your date, time and place of birth, thus changing your astrological chart. However, one of the very few things you can change about yourself is your name. Changing your name will change your vibration, which can turn your life around for the better. Sometimes changing just one name, the way you spell a name, or adding middle initials, can make a huge difference. Like a new custom made designer dress or suit, it will change the way you feel about yourself and the way other people see you. The shoes will fit and the hat will add style. Doors will begin to open, improving your life, with love, health and happiness. Your piano will play the right combination of keys producing beautiful music to be heard by you and the people who surround you. My research shows when you commit to changing your name, effects begin immediately and increase with every document you change. The more you want it, the faster it happens. I have witnessed some people experience a rapid transformation with their life quickly taking a new direction, becoming calm, more focused and more positive in the way they think and speak. A balanced name with positive letters has no obstacles and sets you free. Self-help techniques will begin to work, bringing out the positive qualities in your astrological chart. You will grow and develop, taking better control of both your life and your future.

Preparing a Name Analysis for yourself or another person who is important to you, can be rewarding and life changing.

Creating a positive name for a newborn can be a wonderful gift, a gift for life.

Name Reality is a result of the author's relentless quest in search of answers to life itself. There is nothing more important or fascinating to each individual than his or her own personal life. There is not one human being who would not master his own individual life if he could. Your names influence your life for better or worse. Name Reality shows you how, why and what you can do.

​Name Reality unlocks the ancient code.

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