A Fascinating study.

By Conrad on March 22, 2014 Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase A fascinating study of how forces influence the people that we are. I remember following biorhythms when I was in college, avoiding tests and other important tasks when the three rhythms converged at their lowest. I know of a test developed after WWII that was fine tuned over years to accurately determine our personality based on our selection of adjectives and adverbs describing how we see ourselves and again by how we believe others see us. I saw the concrete results of weighing choices for these systems. So imagine to my delight, finding a book that analyzes how our names – a commodity not usually chosen by us – influence the outcome of events in our lives as we are channeled down the ‘river of life.’ 

What is really interesting, as this book points out, is how we can actually select a different name for ourselves to alternately influence events in our lives going forward or perhaps, even more importantly, how the selection of the right name for our children can positively (or negatively) influence events in their lives as they go forward.
I found the book clearly and logically laid out along with the system defined and discussed followed by all the Personalities that are associated with the name analysis. Finally there are sample worksheets included at the end of the book to help in performing the analysis. In all, the book is informative and entertaining, even if you choose not to use its wisdom in the choice of a name for yourself or your kids, you can use the information to make wiser choices in the future.

Reviews below are from 

customers who purchased my book or clients who requested a consultation. 

Unique Gift, Fascinating Read 

By Carmen  8 Jan 2014 Format:Paperback Amazon.co.uk I recommended this book to a friend who was having a baby and then decided to check it out for myself. First off, it is a very friendly and easy to read, and working out my own chart wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. In fact, it was a fun exercise. I found the analysis of my character by names was extremely accurate, giving me pointers as to where I need to watch out for excesses in my personality that might lead to health problems or otherwise. And when it came to looking at my completed chart regarding past years, I could pinpoint critical or significant events that did indeed seem to be linked to a certain combination of letters featuring at that time of my life. 
I was relieved and reassured that my name was not an issue, but wanted to hear more about future years, so booked a Skype consultation. Lyon is very enthusiastic, personable and reassuring and gave some useful advice about where the following years could take me and how I might avoid any possible pitfalls along the way. All in all, the book is a very useful purchase (the section on celebrities is fascinating). A unique gift for expectant parents and a fascinating read for broad-minded readers.

You can find more reviews at Amazon written by readers and clients from around the world. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Name-Reality-Lyon-G-Zonamyari/dp/1939927749/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1440872816&sr=8-1&keywords=Lyon+zonamyari

My Baby is so Happy and Healthy.  

Thank you Lyon.

By Katherine Baldonado 20th February 2014.

Lyon analyzed my name a year ago when I was six months pregnant. The information he gave me about my personality and the events that had transpired in my life was so accurate I knew I had to consider this system when choosing a name for my baby. Lyon guided me through the process. I was able to use the first name of my choice, although Lyon did advise me to alter the spelling by changing a letter i for the letter y, which I was happy to do. Lyon then suggested a few middle names and I chose the one he recommended the most.

My daughter is now nine months old. Everybody comments how happy she is. Lyon says this is because her names balance with one another nicely and my family name, personality number thirty-two, is known to be very friendly and sociable. She has had no sickness or any illness of any kind since birth. Lyon tells me this is partly due to the positive first letters from each of her names which are influencing health and physical strength. Incredible is all I can say. Best of all, we have a life chart to show us when to take advantage of positive influences.

Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Very inspiring book, a must before giving your child a name
By Lara May on May 1, 2014 Format: Amazon Kindle Edition Verified Purchase I purchased this book after I've heard Lyon talking on the radio about how for example the fact of taking on your spouse’s name could negatively affect your marriage. I got very intrigued by the story and wanted to learn more. So I bought the book, and started immediately reading it. I couldn't stop! I always have been interested in numerology, and understanding what’s in my name helped me a lot to gain self-knowledge. But this stuff is quite different! It's not about numerology in the classical sense; it goes much and much deeper. After I calculated my names, I got to the description of different numbers which represent about 64 personalities. It was so unbelievably accurate! I could literally copy the whole description exposing my character, talents, behavior, and shadow side, leaving only 2 or 3 words out that didn’t resonate. (and who knows even that may be accurate, perhaps I’m not aware yet of that what I didn’t recognized). This confirmed a lot what I already knew about myself intuitively, and deepened the confidence of my own truth. It also opened my eyes to things I didn’t realize that they were going on.
What I found even more interesting was that some patterns would repeat themselves. I changed my name(s) in the past, due to emigration and so on. But even after the change, it turned that my changed birth name and family name stayed the same numbers as my spouse’s name, and the secondary traits of my mother’s family name, for example, would correspond to her husband’s name and to my husband’s name.
Is this a hint that we subconsciously continue to take the same, sometimes not so healthy decisions, even if we consciously want to make new, positive choices?
The book is very elaborated and rich in information. It covers lots of interesting things. I have to admit that I needed to read some parts different times, to really understand it (and I probably need to reread it again), but that’s okay.

It absolutely is one of the most inspiring books I've read in last few years, and I really recommend it. I also decided to take a private consultation from Lyon to go even deeper.
I think it’s also a must, before giving your child a name

Best Boy and Girl Baby Names

Name Reality, a reality well hidden from plain view that marks our life.
​A must read!
By Tamm! on November 27, 2013 Format: Amazon.com Kindle Edition This book it’s amazing and full of mind opening concepts. I had a private consultation with the Author just before the book was finished and had my name changed. It’s been an amazing process.
I can say that my life has definitely changed for the better. Lyon worked with me for a year to find the best match for me and was extremely helpful and patient with me during the process. He is now looking in to my children’s names as well. If you have an open mind then this book it’s definitely for you.
I highly recommend it. It’s also a great gift for expecting parents or anyone you know who struggles with life, addictions, health problems or plain bad luck. Enjoy it.

Face Book comments and client reviews.

Lily Gianna Woodmansee. Your book and advice have changed my life! Xoxo

Molly Skye Brown. Lyon your help was one of the keys to my awakening. Your work is so incredibly important!! I just didn't see it before. Thank you for your tireless efforts! Namaste.

Anne Tuinzing.  I changed my name at the age of 74. Really unbelievable the change in my life.

Intuitive Medium Ranee.  Well a few weeks ago I crossed paths with another amazing soul. His name is Lyon Zonamyari! Now let me just say he's gifted in healing, and also name analysis. After sending a few messages back and forth I felt as if our paths crossed for a reason. He suggested a name analysis and can I just say that I'm amazed at the accuracy and amount of information he provided. He was very thorough and explained anything I had further questions about. He explained trails that I went through and also moments of joy. He is a very kind soul and gifted as well.

Carmen Harris. My friend Lyon has written this book giving the lowdown on the energetic power behind our names. It's a fascinating read and a must if you're about to name a newborn. Take a look at his You Tube video (link below) where he explains the theory and science (yes, there's a quantum reality here, every bit as relevant as Dr Emoto's findings) behind your moniker. Who'd'a thunk?

"Why don't more people know about this??


Linnea Jordyn. I've studied astrology and numerology for 20 years and this is the first time I've seen this ancient method used. It's much more accurate than both those practices combined utilizing not just the full name or prior names but also mother's maiden name. I read the book and had a name analysis session with Lyon and I was amazed at how accurate the results were. It showed why my certain years of my life were always met with turbulence just from the placement of a few unfortunate letters. After I saw the prediction for the next couple years, I've decided to change my name with the help of Lyon in private sessions. So glad I found this method!" 

David G Arenson. What a great opportunity Lyon...I am a great admirer of your work, and I know you have helped me personally as well as many others. It's not the most well-known field, yet everything has energy, and carries spiritual weight. In the Kabbalistic tradition, people undergoing strife, or serious illness, would change their names to affect their destiny. So it is in our mystical traditions.

Jia De Carroll. By the way, amazed at how accurate my name analysis is.

Nona Johnson. Synchronicity brought Lyon and his work into my life journey. I look forward to further studying of his material. It is not only interesting but essential if one is on the self-development path in order to gain a full understanding of the Universal influences affecting our lives. I am grateful for every second you have given to me both personally and with your work.

Kathy May. I know Lyon's work and I have a copy of the book. It really opens your mind and lets you understand more about your life.

Sonali Perera. This is awesome Lyon !! Very cool, I know doubt believe you will be helping many people. Thank you for the reading you gave, I feel like it really helped to provide insight on certain strengths I didn't know were there and others areas of the self that were just good to know.

Jemma Youngs.  Thank you Lyon. I have a signed copy of your book and have been spreading the word. Brilliant book, I really enjoyed reading it! X

Amy Surrena. Love it Lyon-people will want to find out about your unique name knowledge and how it can change one's life for the better. I definitely endorse your brilliant work. Congratulations Lyon!

Linda Salazar. Relationship Coach, Speaker, Hand Analyst and Radio Show Host.
I've heard about name changing before. There was a woman who was one of the guest speakers that attended a hand analysis event. One of the attendees had changed the spelling of her first name 4 years ago and her life changed dramatically for the better after that.

Dr Tito Palacio;
Throughout my professional years as a medical and homeopathic doctor, I have always known our names produce a vibration that reflects upon the conditions of our bodies. Until now, I have not been able to connect the two together, especially for patient diagnosis. The system Lyon has shown to me and demonstrated with the voluntary consent of my patients is conclusive evidence that the connection exists. Lyon was able to confirm medical issues that matched my diagnosis. In some cases, he added more information that was beneficial to both me and the patient. Lyon correctly quotes in his book; when conventional methods have failed to diagnose or cure a problem, this book can provide the missing link. Dr. Tito Palacio MD, Naturopath and Homeopathic Dean of Clinical Studies, head of the Spanish Department at The British Institute of Homeopathy.

Recent client reviews 2016.


Muna Yousef. I had the pleasure of Lyon's assisting me with my name and shedding light on its strength and weaknesses. Lyon is highly knowledgeable and he is passionate about his work. I gained a lot of insights from his wisdom and thorough analysis of my name. All the best to you in your life journey and those who cross your path. 

I just had my name analysis session with Lyon. I had a great experience.  I first heard of him on a show last week and right away felt drawn to work with him and my name. Our session together has helped me on my path, in that it affirmed through some synchronicities, that I am on track. It also opened the door to a place I'm real interested in exploring. Lyon was a pleasure to work with, sharing his insight quite freely. Thanks for the fun and meaningful session, and for your role in this journey of mine.

Lauren Olson Sidford
I had the pleasure of having a simple name analysis reading by Lyon recently, who is most thorough and patient as I am learning more about names-  I can’t wait to read his book  : )

I had a consultation with one of your guests, Lyon Zonamyari yesterday.  It was such a pleasure speaking with him.  His readings of my personality and life events were over 90% accurate and the advice was so helpful.  I had been thinking about changing back to my maiden name and that is what I will do now that I have had this consultation.
I highly recommend Lyon and plan on purchasing his book, as well as doing one or more consultations with him in the future!
Virginia Wilson


Doctor’s Orders: Make life easier for yourself – do this STAT!

“At first, I didn’t want to get my name analysis done.  I’m not sure if I was afraid of knowing the truth or that knowing the truth would interfere with my Soul’s Mission.  In fact, I consulted another healing expert before I said YES, just in case.  She gave me the green light to go ahead. 

Now that Lyon has done my analysis, I’m just blown away.  He’s not just blowing smoke when he says this ancient system is accurate – it is VERY accurate!  From the Personality analysis based on my name which pegged me as brilliant, creative, generous, determined, enduring, truthful, quick-minded and always striving with a tendency to care and give TOO much, to the Events chart which clearly showed that I got a divorced and changed my name back to my maiden name just in the nick of time before misfortune struck. 

The analysis is very in depth and much more useful than a psychic reading as I can see what my “fortune” will be like for the coming years.  I’m so grateful that I’m in that fortunate 10-20% of folks who have a balanced name, but I can imagine that if I didn’t, I’d want to know how to change my name to stack the odds for positive manifestation.  Like Lyon said, I’m not one of those people with a “dark cloud” hanging over me wherever I go, but if you ever feel this way, get your name analysis done STAT!  If you’re ready to manifest your dreams, get your name analyzed first before doing anything else.  Why struggle? Highly recommended!

Dr. Karen Kan
Holistic Physician & Spiritual Medicine Guru

Author of #1 Bestselling Book: Guide to Healing Chronic Pain - A Holistic Approach - www.imacupuncture.com

Catherine S
I want to thank you for a wonderful conversation that we shared yesterday.  You had prepared my name analysis and called to discuss it.  What meant a great deal to me was your initial correspondence and continued communication.  You did exactly what you promised to do.  It was incredibly respectful and thoughtful.  We were off to a great start.

The discussion was open, flowed with ease and was mutually engaging.  The analysis itself was so accurate and insightful that it felt like I had known you for a long time.  Life's moments are always the best when 'someone gets you!!'  It's somehow liberating and suddenly clear - it all now makes sense.  Thank you for that.

Lyon, you made numerous suggestions as to how one could proceed - offering excellent book recommendations, mental exercises, powers of intentions and various healing practices.  Your door was open for further considerations - if I was comfortable to do so.  Additionally, you were in no hurry whatsoever!!  That was a bonus.
I look forward to continuing our exploration together.  Your sincerity and guidance was deeply felt.

Jaime Edwards. Thank you so much, Lyon for the name evaluation. I learned so much through this method that answered my questions that have gone unanswered for years. After the past few years of really bad luck, I am so glad to see the reason isn't me but my name. I was also able to see why certain years past have been difficult and painful for me. The good news is my name is something I can change and I plan to purchase your services again in the near future. Many thanks and blessings for your work and thank you, Aimee for bringing Lyon on the show! 
Jaime Edwards

Caron Lyon
I really enjoyed our conversation the other day. It was really good to chat with someone like minded and so knowledgeable. The name analysis and information contained within the charts is really interesting and informative and useful to work with in the future.

I have also purchased your 3 Step Healing process so I'm looking forward to working with that; for myself and for others. I am always looking to add to my toolbox of techniques and to increasing my knowledge.

Dear beloved friend, I really appreciate all that you do for me, thank you for the educational and motivational articles you sent to me.. You're a beautiful person full of wisdom. I thank you for your friendship, but most importantly your kindness. May God continue to Bless you in all your endeavors. Respectfully

Vivian Hari

You really blew me away today. Who knew a name could change the way your life pans out. I really am amazed!
Wendy Sharon Hall


Lyon gave me a very comprehensive report and general study of Name Reality...whoa...so much to ponder as I am in the process of reverting back to my maiden name after more than 30 yrs. Very interesting/emotional exercise especially given the info that Lyon passed to me. Thank you Lyon. How interesting. Given all I have much to consider...how drastically do I wish to alter my reality? Lyon made me understand that there is an elasticity to our blueprint and I was interested to notice how akin to Astrology Name Reality worked...yes – it’s different but you are what your label is...and there is an interesting time line aspect as well that in my recent years of personal astrological study have gleaned similar events...this fastinated...Lyon refers to the work of Dr. Emoto regards water entrainment...
Lisa Watson


Dear Lyon. Thank you for your time and efforts for putting together my name chart. My curiosity was intrigued when I heard about your name analysis and wanted to see if it was applicable to me. Your analysis was very accurate and looking back over the years; I can now see why certain things happened or why some years were more difficult than others no matter how hard I tried. I can now use my events chart like a weather forecast to see where I may be facing tough years and take appropriate action. Conversely, I can also see which years can be best to make certain decisions. This system works and has given me a greater degree of insight from which I can make better decisions and take appropriate action. You were so generous with your time and are clearly passionate about what you do. You answered all of my questions and were generous with your knowledge. It is a refreshing breath of air to speak to someone who genuinely cares about the work they do and who in turn cares about the service they provide to their customers. I'm so glad I came across you and your work. Thank you.
Sukhi Jutla. UK.


I am extremely grateful I purchased Lyon’s name analysis package, because my time with him and the information I received about myself and my name was priceless. It is a lifetime of USEFUL information that I had no idea existed. As we went back in time, everything made sense as to certain events that took place in my life. Lyon is honest, he doesn’t sugar coat anything, yet is extremely compassionate. His demeanor is inviting, laid back, fun, and I truly enjoyed our consultation. He sent me the information before we spoke so that I had time to go through it.  He took the time to answer all of my questions, and the fact he wasn’t exactly on the clock showed me he truly cares.  Lyon is insightful, brilliant and seems to know everything there is to know about this topic.  I HIGHLY recommend getting your name read. Whether you decide to change it or not, having the information about yourself is one of the best, if not THE best, tools you could have. The best part is, once you have your name reality life charts, you don’t have to go back every year! GET THE PACKAGE!!!!
With love and gratitude,

Mandy Fleiser. Canada.

Gillian Webster. UK.
Thank you for the information regarding my name, it was pleasing to hear that my name will not be too impactful.  I really enjoyed our conversation regarding my name and the tools that you gave me to deal with the little bits of turbulence that can pop up in my life at certain points.
Thank you to Cindy Kubica for discovering Lyon and bringing Lyon to your show.

Thank you for the recent reading you gave me. Though I've had traditional numerology readings done before, I found the information you gave me new & very valuable. I now have a better understanding of myself, my behavior & my relationship with my late husband. I've found you to be extremely generous with your time & the supplemental information & tools you so generously gave me, honestly I've never seen this before. I would highly recommend you, & likely will contact you, should I remarry & consider making any possible changes to my name again.
Alida Carslake.


Thank you very much! The name analysis was amazing and so very intriguing. 
Our conversation took many little side-roads, every minute was enjoyable and enlightening.

Lisa Cubitt


I highly recommend Lyon's services; I believe he is the leading expert when it comes to changing your name! The whole system is extremely accurate and comprehensive; Lyon deciphers your current name and is able to help you find a new name (whilst still keeping positive aspects of the old one.) He is affable, friendly, and generous with his time and advice. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thank you Lyon!
Sarah B.


Brilliant book, you will be amazed what you learn from your name!  By  Jane on 10 February 2014 Format:Paperback |Amazon.co.uk I thought this book was so interesting. The definition for my name was absolutely spot on! A really good read, well paced and backed up with scientific research. A really fabulous gift for someone looking for a baby name. Everyone will be talking about this book soon, so I suggest, read it now.


                    Naomie Harris @NaomieHarris  

Naomie Harris/Actress/Miss MoneyPenny/007 Skyfall.

Brilliant book if you're thinking of naming a child!

Name Reality by Lyon G. Zonamyari.